, 前身为都匀县建筑联社 都匀市建筑五公司 The first construction engineering company of Duyun City, Guizhou Province is a collective construction enterprise established in the 1970s . It was formerly known as the Duyun Construction Association and the 5th Construction Company of Duyun City . , 尤其是自 1996 年报经行业领导主管部门批准变更成立贵州省都匀市第一建筑工程公司以来 , 作为都匀建筑行业队伍中的一员 为都匀市的城市建设发展作出了应有的贡献 Since the establishment of the company , especially since it was approved by the industry leadership in 1996 to change and establish the first construction engineering company in Duyun City, Guizhou Province , as a member of the Duyun construction industry team, it has made contributions to the urban construction and development of Duyun Due contribution .

Recruitment information

职位条件描述 1. Job condition description :

持有一级建造师证 专业 建筑工程 机电工程 市政公用工程等 )。 (1) Hold a first-class construction teacher certificate ( professional : construction engineering , mechanical and electrical engineering , municipal public works, etc. ).

建造师等相关证书注册到本公司 并从事全职或兼职项目经理工作 (2) Relevant certificates such as builders are registered with the company and are engaged in full-time or part-time project managers .

需在本公司办理缴纳五险等手续 (3) It is necessary to go through the formalities of paying the five insurances in our company .

工作内容 2. Work content :

确保制度和流程有效执行 项目计划进度 质量 安全和成本控制 保证经营目标的实现 Take full responsibility for or participate in the management and operation of construction projects , ensure the effective implementation of systems and processes , project schedule , quality , safety and cost control to ensure the realization of business objectives .

职位要求 3. Job requirements :

职称等证书 黔南及贵州省常住人才优先考虑 Have relevant work experience and hold relevant practice , title and other certificates , permanent residents of Qiannan and Guizhou Province are preferred .

工作地址 贵州黔南 4. Work Address : Qiannan , Guizhou

福利待遇 面议 5. Benefits : Negotiable

联系方式 :18585118880,18208549666 6. Contact information : 18585118880, 18208549666